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Saturday, October 30th Rialto Theatre | 318 E Congress | 9pm

Emo Nite

Friday, October 29th 191 | 191 N Toole | 9pm

Tommie Sunshine

Saturday, October 8th A record producer, remixer, DJ and songwriter of electronic music from Chicago, he is known for creating dance remixes to popular rock and alternative songs. via artist […]

Yacht Party

August, Friday 27th While on a routine Naval patrol mission off Australia‚Äôs Gold Coast, Captain Prince and his crew were anchored about 2 miles off shore. It was on a […]

Wub Mama

Friday, July 2nd A 23 year old talented, independent up-and-coming producer and DJ based in Seattle, WA, originally from Portland, OR. Self taught, she is making a name for herself […]

Wuki 6/11

With a string of singles through OWSLA, Fool’s Gold and Mad Decent and some heavy Tic Toc play with his Crunk in Time remix, Kris Barman aka Wuki Plays upstairs […]

NoLF night 1

Friday, November 1st Night of the Living Fest returns this year in collaboration with Hotel Congress to present 3 nights and 2 stage locations of live concert music and night […]

Hippie Sabotage

Wednesday, March 20th EDM duo, composed of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer. They were #1 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. They have performed with Ellie Goulding and Tove Lo […]

Dave Parley : Cholo Goth Party

Wednesday, October 3rd DJ Dance Party. Goth Theme. Cholo Aesthetics. Very October. The producer for San Diego group Prayers Dave Parley brings his international Cholo Goth party to Tucson for […]