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Food & Spirits

Welcome to #FoodCity

Welcome to the table, we hope you brought your appetite.
Try a Sonoran Dog they won a James Beard award.
Would you like some fresh roasted coffee, fresh baked breads, fresh tortillas? We have a pretty ethniclly diverse menu as well as farmers markets, and an active farm to table culture.
Overall…Tucson loves food.

Tucson was designated by UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy. This means they recognized our 300 plus year history of cultivation, cross cultural culinary exchanges and site specific contributions.
You will find a directory of restaurants in our EAT section

Arizona gets hot, and that means we get thirsty. And to meet that thirst an ever expanding brewery scene was born. Also, on our outskirts towards the higher elevations our very close neighbors (Wilcox, Sonoita and Elgin) have started wineries and distilleries.
A directory of which can be found in our DRINK section

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