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With everyone spending more time indoors and online it occurred to some of our community members to generate fresh content. They decided to use the interwebs as a force for good to try and help local musicians. So presented here in a digital safe space you can catch the following concerts and maybe even drop a 5 spot in the digital tip jar.

Tucson Studio has taken the curated space approach to their pop-up field recording sessions. Backed by UA presents Tucson Studio was launched with the local musician in mind. As means to maintain exposure and hopefully help with revenue. All of the performances are very intimate and the lineup of performers thus far are as eclectic as Tucson.

No Audience This is what happens when you have a crew of sound and light engineers just sitting around. Motivated by a lack of paying gigs the same guys that help make shows happen downtown traded their downtime for doing what they do best. Putting on shows.

Club Congress TV Launching back in April CCTV started with livestreams captured from the quarentined performers homes before making it back their Congress stage in May. They are presently in a respite but have literal hours of video on their channel.

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