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Moen/Mason presents Jonathan Hobbin’s CRY BABIES

Saturday May 2nd

Moen Mason Gallery debuts Jonathan Hobin: Selected works from In the Playroom and Cry Babies. Hobin’s notoriety arose after his series In the Playroom (2010) made international headlines, igniting a heated discussion on media, politics and representations of children in art. The exhibition will present images from Hobin’s In the Playroom series as well as the U.S. premier of his new video installation Cry Babies. “In the Playroom has circled the globe, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to the United States” said Moen Mason Gallery. The exhibition opens May 2, 2015 and runs through July 31, 2015.

Jonathan Hobin is an award-winning and internationally noted photo-based artist. His work draws on iconic literary, cinematic and historical references, and popular culture to explore the darker aspects of childhood, politics and storytelling. Considered a controversial figure and “one of Canada’s most polarizing visual artists” (Jian Ghomeshi, CBC’s Q), Hobin’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in major media including VICE, CNN, CBC, BBC as well as art publications including Kunst (Germany), Photographers Companion (China), and Beaux Arts (France).

Hobin’s latest series, Cry Babies is a collection of provocative photographic and video portraits highlighting the complexities of childhood. Refracted through the prism of a child’s imagination and inspired by locket photography, Cry Babies depicts an irreconcilable reality in which private anxieties and the idealized imagery of popular culture inhabit the same space. Sexuality, race, religion, exploitation and identity are directly addressed, once again proving that Hobin is an artist that does not shy away from social taboos.

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