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Downtown Saturday Night

Saturday July 18th

Pack a Swimsuit. Bring your appetite. Maybe wear some cat ears.  Wander downtown tonight and you’ll find plenty to see and do.


Suffice it to say there will be art and leather and grilled meats as the boys at 6th n 6th Faction (Donovan White and Tony Pickup) continue to inaugurate their space (formerly inhabited by Haunted Hands).  Donovan will be manning the grill. #attaboy
6th + 6th Faction | 439 N 6th Ave | 6pm 

donovon white butcher cleaver

Night Swim

MoCA wil be hosting an evening swim complete with lifegaurds and DJs.  In case you’re wondering “when did they get a pool?” MoCA actually has 3.  In conjunction with New York-based real estate development firm Macro Sea, MOCA now has three code-compliant, street legal mobile dumpster pools in the Great Hall.
MoCA | 265 S Church Ave | 7-10pm


Exploded View Cinema loans the keys to Xpanded Universe as they host a screening for local Whovians of the 1979 Doctor Who movie City of Death.
City of Death features the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Romana (Lalla Ward). Set mainly in Paris in 1979, the plot concerns a scheme by an alien, Scaroth, to steal the Mona Lisa to finance experiments in time travel in the hope of averting the accident that marooned him on Earth four hundred million years previously, which began the existence of life on the planet as well.
Don’t forget your Sonic Screwdriver.
Exploded View Cinema | 197 E Toole | 8pm

Kittens and Mermaids

Surly Wench will be hosting a Pussy Party.  Guests are encouraged to play dress up – cat suits, cat ears, cat whiskers.  DJs Plastic Disease and Black Flagg host this Industrial music night.
Surly Wench | 424 N 4th Ave | 9pm
The Aquadec will be presenting Atlantis.  Having further explored decoration in their underwater theme H20 invites you to come experience its next evolution with Atlantis. DJ Scotty Boy will be on deck.
The Aquadaec | 61 E Congress | 10pm

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Full Moon Party

Thursday July 2nd

Dubbed the Freedom Fantasy Menagerie the patio atop The Aquadec is the spot for this party under a summer moon.  A pair of tag team DJs in the form of Steel Hart and HiJack will be spinning house music while dancing girls painted up like wild animals will supply the atmosphere.  A perfect night out for the summer vampire.
The Aquadec | 61 E Congress | 9pm

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The Yacht Rock Party

Friday June 19th

Kitty Katt and Magic Kenny are hosting a night of smooth jams, nautical overload and seventies sleeze. Dirty P and the gang will play some live jams, while Ben Beshaw and E-Rupt keep the music going all night long.  There will be a boat photo booth and other shenanigans to keep you distracted. This year Kitty and Kenny made their own wine, the Yacht Rock White, available all night long (the preferred method of delivery is in a white wine spritzer). Come sail away in your most nautical outfit, or in slither about the party in your sleaziest seventies outfits.

La Cocina | 201 N Court Ave | 9pm

YachtRockParty from Kitty Katt on Vimeo.

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