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Moen/Mason presents: Backtrack

Saturday August 1st

Moen Mason Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition this August featuring new work engaging current controversial issues on race.

American Blood Diamond is a fully realized and branded conceptualization of a fictional American company within the extraction industry. Its’ business model is the wholesale and export of raw carat weight from violent or unstable parts of the country. These recovered gemstones are fragments of shattered glass produced as a by-product of riots, violent outbursts and vandalism in marginalized and underserved communities. BACKTRACK will feature recovered diamonds from Ferguson, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Oakland. Any profits will be redirected to represented communities, and 10 will be given away opening night.

Other artists showing include EJ Brown who is an up-and-coming visual artist making waves in the media following the launch of his campaign A Perception of Complexion. The Mugshot Series is an associated photographic series representing a group of Brown’s peers wearing graduation caps and gowns holding up plaques displaying their field of study and graduation dates. The photos are shot to resemble mugshots and challenge the media’s representation of young black men in America. Brown has been featured in The Huffington Post, BET and TribLive News.
Moen/Mason | 222 E 6th st | 6pm

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Downtown Saturday Night

Saturday July 18th

Pack a Swimsuit. Bring your appetite. Maybe wear some cat ears.  Wander downtown tonight and you’ll find plenty to see and do.


Suffice it to say there will be art and leather and grilled meats as the boys at 6th n 6th Faction (Donovan White and Tony Pickup) continue to inaugurate their space (formerly inhabited by Haunted Hands).  Donovan will be manning the grill. #attaboy
6th + 6th Faction | 439 N 6th Ave | 6pm 

donovon white butcher cleaver

Night Swim

MoCA wil be hosting an evening swim complete with lifegaurds and DJs.  In case you’re wondering “when did they get a pool?” MoCA actually has 3.  In conjunction with New York-based real estate development firm Macro Sea, MOCA now has three code-compliant, street legal mobile dumpster pools in the Great Hall.
MoCA | 265 S Church Ave | 7-10pm


Exploded View Cinema loans the keys to Xpanded Universe as they host a screening for local Whovians of the 1979 Doctor Who movie City of Death.
City of Death features the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Romana (Lalla Ward). Set mainly in Paris in 1979, the plot concerns a scheme by an alien, Scaroth, to steal the Mona Lisa to finance experiments in time travel in the hope of averting the accident that marooned him on Earth four hundred million years previously, which began the existence of life on the planet as well.
Don’t forget your Sonic Screwdriver.
Exploded View Cinema | 197 E Toole | 8pm

Kittens and Mermaids

Surly Wench will be hosting a Pussy Party.  Guests are encouraged to play dress up – cat suits, cat ears, cat whiskers.  DJs Plastic Disease and Black Flagg host this Industrial music night.
Surly Wench | 424 N 4th Ave | 9pm
The Aquadec will be presenting Atlantis.  Having further explored decoration in their underwater theme H20 invites you to come experience its next evolution with Atlantis. DJ Scotty Boy will be on deck.
The Aquadaec | 61 E Congress | 10pm

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MoCA Summer Begins!

Friday June 19th

MoCA reopens for Summer with 2 new installations.


MOCA has invited six artists to create site-specific installations in each of the East Wing’s six galleries. Each artist will have a room to transform and convert into a showcase for their singular artistic themes and motifs.  The impetus is to use their creative foundations to fashion something completely new.  These solo exhibitions will be an opportunity to expand upon previous concerns and achievements and create original, site-speicifc, up-to-date artistic environments with a minimum of curatorial interference in which freedom of expression and experimentation is paramount.

Artists include Eli Burke, Bryan Crow, Ishi Glinksy, Jessica James Lansdon, Andrew Shuta, and Jason Wright.

Gigi’s Mexican & Peruvian Fusion Food Truck, bar, and music by DJ Jalph!  Reception is from 7-9pm

Saturday the 20th
moca poolsFirst chance for MoCA Members to take a dip in some functional art.

In accordance with searing summers, Tucson is the ideal location for this combination of artful and inventive design and the pleasure of cooling off and swimming is unparalleled surroundings.
Purple Tree Food Truck, and music by DJ Andrew Shuta & WFMU’s One Mint Julep!
MoCA Memberships available here
MoCA | 265 South Church Avenue | 12-5pm


**Certified lifeguards will be present to ensure your safety and no children under the age of 18 will be allowed to swim without being accompanied by an adult guardian.

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Party for MoCA

A fabulous art sale.
Come for the good time, leave with a new piece of art. BRINK curated a group of talented artists and is selling their work, for a good cause. Everything is available and 50% of every item sold goes to MOCA (the other half goes to the artist). The pre-reqs for a good party will also be there: booze, music & cool people.

Artists include: Michael Berman, Jeff Smith, Isaiah Toothtaker, Patrick Foley, Johnny Glenn, Henny Garfunkel, Harvey Wang and Clif Taylor.

Plus, Jackets for MOCA Raffle.

We asked a select group of Tucson’s heavy hitters to donate their time and taste to create jackets that you can win and wear. Buy a raffle ticket (or a bunch) online, at MOCA during their Shop Local Saturday Sale ( November 29th, members get first dibs on the goods) or at the event. We will draw the lucky winners at the Party for MOCA. Buy one chance to win for $10, 3 chances for $25.

Makers include: Dave Sayre, Erin Bradley, Sofie and Howe Gelb, Clif and Paula Taylor, Darren Clark, Tom Walbank, Lesli Wood, Mellow Lund and Gabriel Sullivan.
(Get raffle tickets here: http://partyformoca.com/)

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Domestic Bliss

Moen Mason Gallery proudly presents Domestic Bliss, selected works by Susan Copich.

Copich is primarily known for her dark and witty humor portrayed in her 2014 photographic series Domestic Bliss. The series gives voice to Copich’s inner “darkness” while examining family life in a humorous context. In 2012, Copich began an unreleased photo series titled India. Shot entirely abroad, India celebrates the human spirit in an unfiltered light.

Like many celebrated contemporary artists, Copich’s art rarely inspires a moderate response. Copich’s journey to explore her truths is celebrated by some and shunned by others. One thing is certain, Copich’s work will continue to turn social expectations on its head. Susan Copich lives in upstate, NY where she resides with her husband and two daughters.

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