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The Point

The Point is Michael O’Neill (MEN, Ladybug Transistor) and Sammy Tunis (The Lisps). The first time Sammy Tunis saw Michael O’Neill, he was singing R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” with a live karaoke band at Otto’s Shrunken Head, a tiki bar in the East Village. He didn’t even look at the lyrics once, and she fell in love at first sight. About six years later they fell in love for real and moved to Portland, Maine for the summer of 2013. They combined their musical backgrounds (O’Neill, of JD Samson and MEN/The Ladybug Transistor and Tunis, of the experimental folk band, The Lisps) as well as their love of ’90s alternative rock and R&B, and along with their friend Kyle Forester (Crystal Stilts/The Ladybug Transistor), ended up writing a collection of mostly down-tempo ethereal break-up songs, probably about 3-5 years unconsciously in the making.
The Point will be performing at Solar Culture, Tuesday January 13th.
Show starts at 9pm.

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Zoppe Family Circus

Zoppé returns to Tucson! Founded in 1842 by a French street clown and a Hungarian equestrienne ballerina, the sixth generation of Zoppé family performers welcomes us into an intimate 500-seat tent. Nino the Clown leads you on a journey that includes acrobatic feats, canine capers, clowning, and plenty of audience participation.

Performances will Begin on Friday at Reid Park, and continue thru Sunday.  Check UApresents for tickets & performance schedule

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Jivin Scientists release Abigail

Runt & Phen (James Owens and Ryan Truncoso respectively) are members of an interstate, on the grind, Hip-Hop collective known as the Jivin Scientists.  For the video – Abigail, JS made a late night dash across the state line to New Mexico.  They met up with their artistic partner and video director Concept Flux (Phillip Torres et Crew) for a 48hr, multiple location, little to no sleep shoot.  Runt’s narrative about Abigail, tells a story about a pretty yet sad neighbor girl.  She has him at the crossroads of crush and concern, and he’s hesitant to make a move out of equal parts shyness and respectfulness of her self imposed cage.  Phen’s production sees layered vocals over an 8 bar guitar sample and a steady ebb and flow of percussive builds that Torres, in turn brings vividly to life.  Now on their third collaboration together, Jivin Scientists & Concept Flux have found a lovely kind of  synergy that hopefully keeps bearing fruit.  And with Runt & Phen already putting the finishing touches on a new album for 2015, that seems very likely.

For more Jivin Scientists : facebook / itunes / soundcloud / youtube

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