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Dave Parley : Cholo Goth Party

Wednesday, October 3rd

DJ Dance Party. Goth Theme. Cholo Aesthetics. Very October.
The producer for San Diego group Prayers Dave Parley brings his international Cholo Goth party to Tucson for one night only.
191 | 191 Toole | 7pm



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Hoco Fest Night 3 M.I.S.

Friday August 31st

Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS; Spanish: Instituto Mexicano del Sonido) is an electronic music project created by Mexico City-based DJ and producer Camilo Lara. Along with groups like Nortec Collective and Kinky, M.I.S. is part of a growing Mexican electronica movement, encouraging fusions of folk and more traditional music with modern sounds. via artist wiki


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Hoco Fest Night 3 Kyle Kinane

Friday, August 31

Kinane has had a longstanding relationship with the cable channel Comedy Central, including serving as the voice for their on-air announcements since 2011. His first Comedy Central Presents half-hour special was on February 25, 2011. Other Comedy Central programs on which he has appeared include Drunk History (on which he retold the story of the Haymarket affair while drunk), the game show @midnight, which he has won seven times, and the 2014 animated series TripTank.  Kinane also runs his own Podcast along with fellow comedian and outdoor cat, Dave Stone, entitled “The Boogie Monster” . via artist wiki
Hotel Congress | 311 E Congress | 7pm


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HocoFest Night 2 Lil B

Thursday August 30th

Brandon Christopher McCartney (born August 17, 1989),professionally known as Lil B and as his alter ego The BasedGod, is an American rapper from Berkeley, California. Lil B has recorded both solo and with The Pack. His solo work spans several genres, including hip hop, new age, indie rock and choral music. He describes his work as “based”, a term which denotes a lifestyle of positivity and tolerance. He is noted for his extensive use of social media to build an online following. He has released a variety of albums and mixtapes, including Rain in England (2010).via artist wiki

Hotel Congress | 311 E Congress | 7pm Tickets

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Hoco Fest Night 1 Bad Gyal

Wednesday August 29th

Alba Farelo, better known as Bad Gyal, is a Spanish and Catalan singer and producer. While attending university and working at a call centre, she released “Pai” in April 2016, an adaptation of “Work” by Rihanna, adapting the lyrics to a mixture of Catalan, Spanish and English It gained popularity on YouTube, and was picked up by local radio, which led to the creation of a mixtape, Slow Wine, with producer Pablo Martínez, aka FakeGuido. Fact Magazine named one of its songs, “Jacaranda” as their number 1 single of 2017. She has performed at several festivals in Iceland and Japan, as well as Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Los Angeles, and Sónar in Spain. Her next album, World Wide Angel, was produced by UK producer Jam City, Dubbel Dutch, DJ Florentino and Spanish musician El Guincho, and included the songs “Candela”, “Nicest Cocky” and “Blink”. Bad Gyal is signed with the production company Canada Editorial.  The Guardian described her music as “stew of reggaeton, dancehall and melancholic electronics – sung in a mixture of Catalan, Spanish and English”. via artist wiki
Hotel Congress | 311 E Congress | 7pm Tickets


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Bear Down Music Fest

Friday, March 16th

Wildcat Events Board’s first Bear Down Music Festival is taking place this March 16th on the UA Mall.  And the best part…it’s free!
Chet Porter and Small Pools Performing.

UA MAll | 1510  E University BLVD | 5pm- 9pm

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