Metallica : the Drive-In show

Live concert music is on hold until the spread of Covid19 is halted.
With attempts at adapting to streaming shows online having very mixed results, the entire industry is on hold.
And yet, with that said, new use for old ways of doing things has
created an opportunity to bring an outdoor concert experience
to hundreds of crowds …..kinda.
Enter: The Drive-in Theatre.

An american staple for teenagers and young love from the 50s thru the 70s Drive-in theatres fell out of vogue in the late 90s with the advent of bigger, newer, movie theatres and experiences like “digital surround sound”. As a result many such locations fell by the way side. Lost to progress. But now, old ideas can be new experiences again when necessity requires ingenuity. Interconnectable digital screens & 4k projectors, which are standards at any large concert nowadays can be adapted to create pop up drive ins where ever parking is available. And with everyone contained in their own vehicles the crowd control aspect is mitigated.

So with that, Metallica will produce a concert film that will be available for drive up viewing at outdoor screens nationwide. The audio will be broadcast via FM signal to each car and you won’t loose your friends in the crowd.
Tickets and Locations | August 29th |

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