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Rialto Theatre, Fox Theatre, 191, The Rock, & Club Congress.
Together they are the community gathering points for live music in our city. And like many other venues across the country they face the very stark reality that they may never open again without government aid.

Unlike the big banks who received (according to Forbes) 17 TRILLION DOLLARS in aid (a work in progress mind you, now thru 3 administrations: Bush, Obama, & Trump) because of their rampant corruption potentially invoking total economic ruination. They were rewarded 17 TRILLION DOLLARS. Dollars that come from communities like ours. With that understanding, doesn’t it make sense to save businesses that can stand on their own viability, but thru no fault of their own are about to shutter.

These businesses together, form an industry network nationwide via the gig economy, to the tune of billions of dollars. Saving our stages means investing in our communities, keeping predatory real estate out, and protecting jobs.

They wont need as much as the banks, and are significantly more worthy.
You can help by clicking the link and calling your congress person.
for more info click here

Bringing the show to you

With everyone spending more time indoors and online it occurred to some of our community members to generate fresh content. They decided to use the interwebs as a force for good to try and help local musicians. So presented here in a digital safe space you can catch the following concerts and maybe even drop a 5 spot in the digital tip jar.

Tucson Studio has taken the curated space approach to their pop-up field recording sessions. Backed by UA presents Tucson Studio was launched with the local musician in mind. As means to maintain exposure and hopefully help with revenue. All of the performances are very intimate and the lineup of performers thus far are as eclectic as Tucson.

No Audience This is what happens when you have a crew of sound and light engineers just sitting around. Motivated by a lack of paying gigs the same guys that help make shows happen downtown traded their downtime for doing what they do best. Putting on shows.

Club Congress TV Launching back in April CCTV started with livestreams captured from the quarentined performers homes before making it back their Congress stage in May. They are presently in a respite but have literal hours of video on their channel.

Hoco Fest Night 1 Bad Gyal

Wednesday August 29th

Alba Farelo, better known as Bad Gyal, is a Spanish and Catalan singer and producer. While attending university and working at a call centre, she released “Pai” in April 2016, an adaptation of “Work” by Rihanna, adapting the lyrics to a mixture of Catalan, Spanish and English It gained popularity on YouTube, and was picked up by local radio, which led to the creation of a mixtape, Slow Wine, with producer Pablo Martínez, aka FakeGuido. Fact Magazine named one of its songs, “Jacaranda” as their number 1 single of 2017. She has performed at several festivals in Iceland and Japan, as well as Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Los Angeles, and Sónar in Spain. Her next album, World Wide Angel, was produced by UK producer Jam City, Dubbel Dutch, DJ Florentino and Spanish musician El Guincho, and included the songs “Candela”, “Nicest Cocky” and “Blink”. Bad Gyal is signed with the production company Canada Editorial.  The Guardian described her music as “stew of reggaeton, dancehall and melancholic electronics – sung in a mixture of Catalan, Spanish and English”. via artist wiki
Hotel Congress | 311 E Congress | 7pm Tickets


Noam Chomsky

Friday, April 13th

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

One of the most cited scholars in history, Chomsky has influenced a broad array of academic fields. He is widely recognized as a paradigm shifter who helped spark a major revolution in the human sciences, contributing to the development of a new cognitivistic framework for the study of language and the mind. In addition to his continued scholarly research, he remains a leading critic of U.S. foreign policy, neoliberalism and contemporary state capitalism, the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and mainstream news media. His ideas have proved highly significant within the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements. –via wiki

Chomsky will deliver “American Exceptionalism: Reconsidered,” a lecture which is free and open to the public. The lecture will offer a timely and important discussion of some of the ways in which American society has departed from the world, sometimes in extreme and hazardous ways. Included will be a look at gun culture, a topic that has dominated headlines in recent years.

Joel D. Valdez Main Library | 101 N Stone Ave | 7pm

Wak Pow Wow

Saturday and Sunday, March 17th &18th

The annual inter-tribal activities and artisan’s marketplace featuring Native American tribes from around the United States, hosted by Southern Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Nation (Sonoran Desert People). Categories include team dancing, hoop dance, drum contest, owl dance, inter-tribal dances, and many more.
San Xavier | 1950 W San Xavier Rd | 10 am entry

Luis Coronel

Sunday, September 10th

At the age of six, he began singing in a church choir.  After a boxing-match, he decided to sing a song for the crowd; the performance was recorded. He also posted various videos of him singing on his social media pages, which he had thousands of followers and likes.  He was signed by Del Records at the age of sixteen.  Some of his singles, “Mi niña traviesa,” “Será más fácil,” and “Escápate” have reached spots on Billboard charts. In September 2013, he released his debut album Con la frente en alto and with three weeks of its release, it earned a spot on the Billboard Regional Mexican Albums chart. It was certified gold in the Latin field by the RIAA for shipping 30,000 copies.  Coronel won the award for “New Artist of the Year” at the 2014 Latin Billboard Music Awards.   He has garnered a nomination for Male Artist of the Year in the Regional Mexican category at the 27th Lo Nuestro Awards. via artist wiki
presented by La Caliente 92.1 FM
also  performing   
Septima Banda / Chiquis
Bandita LlegamaZ / El Dasa
Enigma Norteno / Honorables
AVA | 5655 W Valencia Rd | 4pm