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Rialto Theatre, Fox Theatre, 191, The Rock, & Club Congress.
Together they are the community gathering points for live music in our city. And like many other venues across the country they face the very stark reality that they may never open again without government aid.

Unlike the big banks who received (according to Forbes) 17 TRILLION DOLLARS in aid (a work in progress mind you, now thru 3 administrations: Bush, Obama, & Trump) because of their rampant corruption potentially invoking total economic ruination. They were rewarded 17 TRILLION DOLLARS. Dollars that come from communities like ours. With that understanding, doesn’t it make sense to save businesses that can stand on their own viability, but thru no fault of their own are about to shutter.

These businesses together, form an industry network nationwide via the gig economy, to the tune of billions of dollars. Saving our stages means investing in our communities, keeping predatory real estate out, and protecting jobs.

They wont need as much as the banks, and are significantly more worthy.
You can help by clicking the link and calling your congress person.
for more info click here

Light The Night

Saturday October 22nd

The Board of Trustees, Executive Commitee, and the LLS Staff of the Arizona Chapter invites you to in the upcoming Light The Night Walk! We have a $1,000,000 goal which will directly benefit research portfolios and direct patient access to Arizona families, living with a blood cancer.
Walk as if your life depends on it. Walk because someone’s life does.

Kino Sports Complex | 2500 E Ajo | 5pm