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Thursday, January 18th

A company of dancer-illusionists based in Washington, Connecticut, founded in 1981 by choreographer Moses Pendleton.  MOMIX developed out of work Pendleton did for a celebration of Erik Satie at the Paris Opera in 1978. The company is named after a solo, “Momix,” that Pendleton created for the 1980 Winter Olympics in Moscow, which derives its name from a milk supplement fed to veal calves. An offshoot of the dance company Pilobolus, which Pendleton co-founded in 1971, MOMIX presents works that combine acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, mime, props, and film in a theatrical setting. The company has successfully toured internationally, performing on five continents. via wiki
Centennial Hall |  1020 E University | 7pm

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Tir Conaill

Sunday, October 4th

The Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance proudly presents their third annual Irish cabaret in Tucson, Arizona.  Come see Irish dance, music and song, with something for everyone! You will enjoy a wonderful mix of dance numbers, with dancers from the very young to seasoned champions. You will tap your feet to the Irish traditional tunes and songs, and be surprised at some with a contemporary twist. You will be dazzled by the varied choreography, from graceful ballet-like numbers to the crowd pleasing rat-a-tat taps at lightening speed. Experience Irish culture vibrant and alive in Tucson!
Leo Rich Theatre TCC | 260 S  Church | 5pm

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