The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings are an orchestral art rock band originally formed in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist and songwriter Trash McSweeney on guitar, sequencing and samples, with a revolving line-up across the globe. McSweeney drives all the band’s musical and staging concepts.

The band is known for their unique, confronting and intense themed performances incorporating elements of theatre and art, often dubbed “orchestral sci-fi art rock”.  Band members often dress in elaborate themed costumes, ranging from geisha outfits, alien costumes and more recently, sea creature/Neptune themes. They employ elaborate and eccentric stage props to support their shows, varying from statues, giant robots, children’s toys, literary and Tim Burton-themed props and self-made video projections. The act are renowned for inviting members of the audience and local artists to paint on blank canvasses and human canvases during their shows to reflect their own feelings in the live music set.
The Red Paintings play the The Rock, January 17th.  Doors at 6pm.

Little White Lie

Opening night of the 2015 Tucson International Jewish Film Festival! Featuring a post-film Q&A with director Lacey Schwartz.

Filmmaker Lacey Schwartz has always known that she looked different from the rest of her family, but accepted her parents’ explanation. In this engrossing and deeply personal documentary, she shares the intense yet delicate process of peeling away the layers of denial that, for years, clouded her true identity.
January 15th 7pm at The Loft Cinemas

Tucson Jazz Festival

A 12-day festival of jazz, with locations at the historic Fox Tucson Theatre, The Rialto Theatre and the Hotel Congress. The Festival also includes a free outdoor event on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 19, 2015 in downtown Tucson, and festival artists will also hold master classes and educational activities for local schools and academies.
The festival begins on January 16th and runs through the 28th.  For a full schedule of performances and event packages visit the festival website at

A tribute to the Beatles

The Fab Four is elevated far above every other Beatles tribute due to their precise attention to detail. With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ songs, the Fab Four will make you think you are watching the real thing. This incredible stage show includes three costume changes representing every era of the Beatles ever-changing career. This loving tribute to the Beatles has amazed audiences all over the world, including Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico and Brazil. Hear record-perfect live performances of such classics as “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Yesterday,” “A Day In The Life,” “Penny Lane,” “Here Comes The Sun,” and “Hey Jude.”
The Fab Four perform at the Fox Theatre, Saturday January 17th. The Show starts at 8pm.

The Point

The Point is Michael O’Neill (MEN, Ladybug Transistor) and Sammy Tunis (The Lisps). The first time Sammy Tunis saw Michael O’Neill, he was singing R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” with a live karaoke band at Otto’s Shrunken Head, a tiki bar in the East Village. He didn’t even look at the lyrics once, and she fell in love at first sight. About six years later they fell in love for real and moved to Portland, Maine for the summer of 2013. They combined their musical backgrounds (O’Neill, of JD Samson and MEN/The Ladybug Transistor and Tunis, of the experimental folk band, The Lisps) as well as their love of ’90s alternative rock and R&B, and along with their friend Kyle Forester (Crystal Stilts/The Ladybug Transistor), ended up writing a collection of mostly down-tempo ethereal break-up songs, probably about 3-5 years unconsciously in the making.
The Point will be performing at Solar Culture, Tuesday January 13th.
Show starts at 9pm.

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