Jessica Hernandez

Tuesday, September 5th

Jessica Hernandez grew up in West Bloomfield, an affluent suburb of Detroit. She is the first-generation American daughter of a Mexican mother and Cuban father. Her parents lived above her family’s restaurant before she was born, and she worked in the family’s Mexicantown Bakery from third grade. She sang in choirs starting in grade school and performed in theater in high school. While in college in Chicago she started singing in rock bands.[1] By 2009, she was ready to start a band. The band name originated from the suggestion of a former drummer who had a 1987 Delta car.

After self-releasing the album Weird Looking Women In Too Many Clothes Jessica Hernandez signed a record deal with Instant Records, and then released the Demons EP, Secret Evil album, and Deceptacon single.

Social media documents that Jessica and the band returned to the studio in 2016 to record their second album. The first track to be released as a song called “Hot Damn” that was released to fans in December 2016. -via artist wiki
Flycatcher | 340 E. 6th St | 830 pm

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