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Dj Daniel Graves

Friday August 19th

Daniel Graves is an industrial/aggrotech/electronic/alternative artist who is the front-man for Aesthetic Perfection and Necessary Response. He has toured with Combichrist, Grendel, and many others of a similar genre. Aside from these two bands, he has also remixed two radio-pop songs: Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”, most noticeably changing the beat. He hails from Los Angeles, California and has been active in the music scene since 2000. He released his first full-length album in 2005, titled “Close to Human” under the artist name Aesthetic Perfection. The second album under this name, “A Violent Emotion” was released in 2008. Both CDs were released under Out of Line Records in Germany and Bractune Records in the USA. “A Violent Emotion was released in Russia by Gravitator Records in 2009. via artist pr
Surly Wench | 424 N 4th Ave | 9pm

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Saturday August 13th

Rob Machete began his musical career back in 1991 as DJ Rob G, spinning Hip-Hop at Hollywood afterhours events such as No-Doz, What?, and Caffiend. The Los Angeles underground rave culture was in it’s infancy and Rob was inspired by the techno-breakbeat music emerging out of England via vinyl records played by DJs Raw, Curious, and Oscar da Grouch.
These frantic bass-heavy beats that evolved from old-school breaks layered with HipHop and Reggae samples were intriguing and propelled him in a new direction. Rob, encouraged by his peers, changed his professional name to Machete in 1994 – a title meant to evoke the nature of his mixing and cutting skills in relation to this new Jungle music. As DJ Machete, Rob helped put his crew, Junglist Platoon, on the map with gigs at nearly every Jungle party in the Greater Los Angeles area. A brief residency with Los Angeles mega-promoter Insomniac, plus a noted mention in URB Magazine’s NEXT 100 Issue (1998) garnered much attention. Machete was then featured on various dates of the infamous KungFu-Knowledge Tour of 1999, placing him alongside many of the world’s best talents including DJ Craze, Mampi Swift, and Rob Playford.
-via artist fb
Flycatcher | 340 E 6th St | 9pm

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Soul Strip

Thursday, March 10th

Soul Strip’s rotating cast of Burlesque For The Soul alumni is ever evolving. Creating new and exciting acts for your enjoyment, as well as bringing back the crowd pleasing favorites that got them their start.

performances by :
& Black Cherry Burlesque’s own BUNNY BOOM BOOM
With very special guest, & worldwide sensation AMBER RAY!
Surly Wench Pub | 424 N 4th Ave | 7pm

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Wild Wild West Con (day 1)

Friday, March 4th

The Old Tucson studios will host a horde  of Steampunk travelers this weekend for Wild Wild West Con. Now in its 5th year, WWC will have 3 days worth of panels and workshops as well as concerts and performance art. Tonight’s acts are Steam Powered Giraffe and Dry River Yacht Club.
Old Tucson | 201 S Kinney Rd | Website

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Romo Tonight Live

Sunday September 27th

Romo introduces new co-host Alexa Michelle,  guest magician Harold Garland, Matt Walley and Angela Horchem of Theatre3, Lauren Wiggins of Female Storytellers, KXCI DJ Hannah Levin and special musical guests Yonatan Gat.
Flycatcher | 340 E 6th Ave | 8pm

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DJ Sage

Saturday September 26th

Laura Totten aka Sage is a multifaceted composer, musician, producer and DJ. Her musical journey started with piano at age 6, violin at age 7, drums in Belfast punk bands at 16 and onto a successful DJ CAREER at the youthful age of 21 where she flourished and became a world renowned DJ and producer. She “tinkers” with playing several musical instruments,  “dabbles” with commercial composing, sings in “Holy Cross Senior Choir” and currently is a music producer, performer, community worker and singer in her home town of BELFAST Northern Ireland. –via artist ws
Solar Culture | 31 E Toole | 8pm

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Downtown Saturday Night

Saturday July 18th

Pack a Swimsuit. Bring your appetite. Maybe wear some cat ears.  Wander downtown tonight and you’ll find plenty to see and do.


Suffice it to say there will be art and leather and grilled meats as the boys at 6th n 6th Faction (Donovan White and Tony Pickup) continue to inaugurate their space (formerly inhabited by Haunted Hands).  Donovan will be manning the grill. #attaboy
6th + 6th Faction | 439 N 6th Ave | 6pm 

donovon white butcher cleaver

Night Swim

MoCA wil be hosting an evening swim complete with lifegaurds and DJs.  In case you’re wondering “when did they get a pool?” MoCA actually has 3.  In conjunction with New York-based real estate development firm Macro Sea, MOCA now has three code-compliant, street legal mobile dumpster pools in the Great Hall.
MoCA | 265 S Church Ave | 7-10pm


Exploded View Cinema loans the keys to Xpanded Universe as they host a screening for local Whovians of the 1979 Doctor Who movie City of Death.
City of Death features the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Romana (Lalla Ward). Set mainly in Paris in 1979, the plot concerns a scheme by an alien, Scaroth, to steal the Mona Lisa to finance experiments in time travel in the hope of averting the accident that marooned him on Earth four hundred million years previously, which began the existence of life on the planet as well.
Don’t forget your Sonic Screwdriver.
Exploded View Cinema | 197 E Toole | 8pm

Kittens and Mermaids

Surly Wench will be hosting a Pussy Party.  Guests are encouraged to play dress up – cat suits, cat ears, cat whiskers.  DJs Plastic Disease and Black Flagg host this Industrial music night.
Surly Wench | 424 N 4th Ave | 9pm
The Aquadec will be presenting Atlantis.  Having further explored decoration in their underwater theme H20 invites you to come experience its next evolution with Atlantis. DJ Scotty Boy will be on deck.
The Aquadaec | 61 E Congress | 10pm

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