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Pearl Charles

Wednesday, March 21st

Pearl Charles lives in the moment, seeking excitement whether it leads her down a dark, dusty road or into the arms of a trouble-making lover. Her full-length debut album, Sleepless Dreamer, describes late night revelry, love affairs, running away and running towards, serenading the sunrise through whirlwind stories of her native Los Angeles, the city, the canyon, the desert, and the road. On a quest to discover the truest version of herself, Charles embraces the feeling of not being settled, a person who always restlessly wants more from life and is willing chase it, wherever it may lead her.Club Congress | 3111 E Congress | 7pm

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Wak Pow Wow

Saturday and Sunday, March 17th &18th

The annual inter-tribal activities and artisan’s marketplace featuring Native American tribes from around the United States, hosted by Southern Arizona’s Tohono O’odham Nation (Sonoran Desert People). Categories include team dancing, hoop dance, drum contest, owl dance, inter-tribal dances, and many more.
San Xavier | 1950 W San Xavier Rd | 10 am entry

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Bear Down Music Fest

Friday, March 16th

Wildcat Events Board’s first Bear Down Music Festival is taking place this March 16th on the UA Mall.  And the best part…it’s free!
Chet Porter and Small Pools Performing.

UA MAll | 1510  E University BLVD | 5pm- 9pm

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